What is my toddler DOING ???

Three of the past five nights ....

My 18-month old has had nighttime poops in his diapers.

Which wouldn’t be so crazy........ except that in all of these cases, the right side of his diaper has been detached (or nearly detached)- and the swollen diaper is HANGING OPEN underneath his zip-up footed pajamas.

Always the right side, never the left.

So like in the morning, I go to change his diaper - and I find it half off already. Poop everywhere inside his PJs. Bath required.

(He sleeps through the nights for the most part; if he has a wake up, he generally puts himself back to sleep very quickly. So I’m not going in there to check for poopy diapers while he’s asleep).

My question for all you experienced mommas ......

What is the likeliest explanation ???

His diapers are the correct size for his weight. And he wears a fairly hefty sleep sack over the top of his footed PJs.

Do you think he is:

- Just tossing and turning a lot in his crib, this accidentally opening the diaper up?

- Deliberately ripping at his diaper out of frustration, and trying to take them off?

Should I be gleaning anything from this?

My plan is to just go buy the next size up diaper for overnights only. Do you agree?