Late period?

Hi everyone, excuse me this is my first time posting ever but Uhm. My period is 3 days late. I don’t want to assume somethings wrong but at the same time this has never happened so I’m on the verge of going a little crazy- 😭. The guy I’m seeing, we have sex a lot, almost every time we see each other. The first two times he pulled out, next few times we used condoms, then the most recent he just pulled out. Should I be worried? I mean I still have gotten my cramps over these past few days. The day I was supposed to start they were mild, (they usually range like that unless for some reason Mother Nature wants to kill me, ha.) but these other two days they’ve been.. how do I explain it? It comes and goes. Like I’ll get a few pokes in the morning then later that night a few more pokes. It’s weird. Should I be worried about anything? I just need peace and mind! 😭