Officially done being a woman 😣😤


**So I know this will probably have something to do with the fact that I got a new job so it could've been that**

So I had sex 3days (25th) before ovulation occurred (28th) which obviously sometimes you gotta have sex on the ovulation day too but i thought "Nah no need had sex in a fertile day all is cool" so wake up on Sunday (11th) expecting my period to have shown up. Nothing. Wait a little bit longer and that pesky AF still doesn't show. Next day passes and still nothing and the same for the next. I wake up this morning (14th friggin Valentines Day) and who has appeared friggin the one thing that I didn't think was turning up the one thing that I thought wouldn't be here for another couple months friggin AF. I was 3 days late was about to test this morning and she shows up out of the blue no warning no nothing just BAM 💥 she appeared.

Officially done being a woman. I'm sat here in tears because I thought I was pregnant and now I'm not and it hurts a lot that AF can do this and make you think you're pregnant when you're not.