Valentine's Day fail.

I reminded my husband at least 8 times that Valentine's day was approaching.

Woke up this morning made his cinnamon rolls made his coffee gave him his gifts and get nothing.

Am I allowed to be slightly upset?

He was out of elderberry zinc lozenges so I went to the store and got some more and took them to him at work before I went to work. He didn't even speak to me, no thank you, not even an "I love you too" after I said it.

What am I doing wrong?

I don't expect anything in return honestly but he's acting weird. We are the couple that kisses and says I love you before we go to sleep every night like clock work. He's just being weird and I don't know why.

*Valentine's Day is also the day we started dating*


Nope. Not a thing happened. He said he's gonna take me out when he feels better. But I somehow doubt it's gonna be anywhere that I want to go because he won't tell me when or where we are supposedly going.

Said he was frustrated when I took him his lozenges at work and also claimed to have said I love you too but I didn't hear it.

I told him he could wash my car to make it up to me. We shall see.

I swear I'm not as annoying as I sound, he's just being really weird and I don't appreciate it.

Dinner happened Sunday and it was great took me to an expensive place with amazing food and drinks. Still salty that we didn't talk about doing dinner instead of gifts.