When to test while TTC


Ok, I just need to know when I should really expect a positive pregnancy test. I used an OPK this month, got the smiley face and BD all around that time. I’m super regular, period is always pretty much on a perfect schedule. Ovulation peak was 2/5, AF due 2/19. I’m not going to lie, I’ve taken a few tests because I’m inpatient with the TWW, which have all been BFN. I read lots of ya’ll’s posts which range from testing positive 8dpo to never testing positive and being pregnant. I’m new to this TTC thing, and so I just realistically want to know when the majority of people are getting positive tests, and when I should know that this month was a no go, because I feel like it if worked this month, based upon lots of posts I’ve read, I should already be testing positive?? HELP!!!!!