rant about sickness and work

I am so tired of people coming to work when they think they are coming down with something. I had the flu and took tamiflu when I was early in my pregnancy. Last week someone came in who thought the had pneumonia. I as office manager forced them to see a doctor and get me a doctors note. It was just a virus. I ended up getting a virus. Now someone came to work a couple days ago who is now home on tamiflu. I have been experiencing a sore throat and headache today. I am 34 weeks pregnant. What the hell is wrong with people. Keep your asses home if you are sick. Stay away from people, especially pregnant women and young kids. Stay out of public. You are putting my baby at risk by being so careless. There are so many scary risks for unborn babies when it comes to the flu. I’m tired of peoples actions. I’m so ready to lock myself and my family in our home until this is over.