Thank you ladies!! ❤️🤰🏻


I found like last week that I was pregnant with my first! 😮 I think I’m 7 weeks today 😍

I’m absolutely over the moon! 🌙 I’m due to see the midwife on the 28th for the first time.

I’ve had so many symptoms- feeling sick, tired, a lot of cramps in my stomach, no energy, sore boobs, no appetite at all. I’m such a worrier I couldn’t help but panic! What’s normal and what isn’t?!

I love this app so much! After reading all of your fantastic posts I have now realized that it’s normal and to feel the way I have.

So I want to thank you incredible ladies for sharing your experiences with the world and giving ol’ stress heads like me a peace of mind! ❤️❤️🤰🏻