Had CT scan and ultrasound and they are telling me to take a HPT? UPDATE!!!


So, I saw my OBGYN yesterday for my follicle ultrasound. I voiced some concerns about the abdominal pain I have been having that I think is related to my cycles, so he referred me to get a full abdominal ultrasound.

When I got to the lab this morning there was a lot of run around and eventually the doctor there called my doctor and they said that given that the cost between a full ultrasound and a CT scan was almost the same, they recommended I do a CT scan. So that's what I had done this afternoon. However, when I went and had my CT scan, the attending doctor at the lab went over what he saw with me and said he saw something that looked like a cyst or fibroid by my right ovary. He asked me if I had a history of them or if I knew I had one, and I said I had one before but as far as I knew I didn't have one now. So afterwards he asked me if I was OK with doing an ultrasound because he wanted to investigate further. He did a regular ultrasound and then a transvaginal one.

As he did the ultrasound he asked me if I was pregnant or if I did a urine test before the scan. I told him I am trying to get pregnant but as far as I knew, I wasn't because I just had my period like a week and a half ago (today is CD 14). So he asked me again, and then mentioned the cyst near my right ovary and suggested I repeat a HPT today. Now I am worried as to what he thinks it is. Obviously it's not by my uterus, so if it is a pregnancy, is it possible to see it before it implants? He called me back to let me know he sent my results to my OBGYN to go over with tomorrow at my follow up appointment, but now I am worried for a whole other heap of reasons.

What could he have seen to make him think pregnancy that my OBGYN didn't see yesterday? Any ideas what could be up?

UPDATE: Just got back from the OBGYN. It is most definitely just a cyst and not an ectopic pregnancy. My doctor isn't worried about it since I had them before and they went away on their own. However my follicle was still too small to get my trigger today, so I am out this month. He has upped my dosage of Clomid to 100mg and instead of taking it on CD5, I will need to start taking it on CD3 and go in for my scan on CD11. I am upset that it's one more month to wait again, but I am keeping in perspective that I was given a bunch of medication this cycle for my tonsillitis so that probably affected the effectiveness of the Clomid. I am still scared because I don't know how this will fix the fact that my cycles are short but my periods are long 😞