I don’t like my boyfriend anymore...


A week ago when I was in the hallway, I saw my boyfriend and naturally I got excited because I don’t see him very often. But when I waved at him he didn’t even wave at me! He completely ignored me! And I was like what the effing hell man! Anyways, I didn’t have a phone at the tike and we couldn’t talk to each other for a while. So when I finally got a new phone and texted him, we didn’t have that much of a conversation. And it went back to ignoring each other. And at this point I was mad, and wanted to break up with him. But I figured I would talk to him before calling it off.

So when I finally talked to him he was all like, “I’m not trying avoid you, I’ve just been going through some stuff . And I’m sorry”. And I felt bad because I wanted to break up with him because he was struggling with something. And I said I was sorry and I was there for him, blah blah blah. And the next day he texted while I was trying to finish up some schoolwork, and him came to the class I was working in. But, we didn’t have much of a conversation, and I was sitting there thinking that I didn’t like him anymore. Like at all. Like I’m not even attracted to this man no more. But I’d feel bad if I broke up with now, since he’s going through something (he didn’t even tell me what he’s been going through). But I really don’t like him anymore...So what should I do?


I broke up with him, and he took it very well