Should I get a new doctor?

Olivia • SAHM 🤰🏽 10/17/2016 👦🏼 🤰🏽 8/31/2018 👶🏼 Carter and Leo ❤️

So I finally signed up so I could view lab results online and today I was on there and decided to look through my records. I seen that my first ultrasound last pregnancy in March of 2016 they seen a cyst and I was never told about it. Then I look at my most recent ultrasound from January 2018 and see that I have a complex cyst (which is the type more likely to be cancerous even though they most likely aren’t) and I see I have subchorinic hemorrhage. Which I’ve told my doctor about faint pink here and there when I wipe. My doctor never told me any of this and I just feel like wtf??! Like I’ve been having pain in what feels like my ovaries and super bad abdominal pain at times and my doctor doesn’t mention any of this to me. I feel like she’s a dumba**!!! It also said my one ovary has subcentimeter follicles? Which I’m still not clear on what that means. I just feel like I go to this doctor talk to her for 5 mins when really there’s definitely stuff she should be bringing to my attention. I’m so mad. I’m making an appointment for this week to talk to her. 😡 my ultrasound results say close follow up recommended.