I needhelp I’m so fustrated lol


Okay so I’m 17, I’ve had protected sex with my boyfriend twice. But the last time I’ve had sex with him I would say around a month and a week ago , so anyways my period came at the 27th and ended on the 31 of January. My concern is on my second day of my period I’ve noticed some stinging down there, and it’s so discomforting and there’s lots of itchiness now that I noticed. I been having some discharge that has no scent but still there’s still discomfort down there besides the itchiness. I checked down there daily and there’s no wart like things down there but it’s sorta red not too red but red. I don’t know what I could have. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I would see a doctor but every time I ask my mom to set up a schedule she gets all weirded out. So I’m wanting to wait until I’m 18 which is next month to see a doctor. Please help my glow buddies 😣