What do i do next am i wrong?

So two situations happened right ladies so first one: me and my husband live with his mom . She wanted to call a family meeting to make sure everyone was doing their part. My husband starts pointing fingers i then cut in and say this isnt a convo to point fingers and he then yells and says how i dont clean or do anything which isnt true . Now ladies i do my best to make sure the house is straightened while pregnant and tending to my 7month old and he does nothing. So with me knowing that and not tolerating the yelling i take my baby and we go to the basement and i lock the door he throws a shoe at it and says im a coward like my mom cause i wont face him and thats y son is just like me .I dont have to tolerate his sht at all im sorry. Situation number two he starts yet again. I asked for the remote and he starts throwing pillows i ask him to stop he throws one again and it almost knocks my food on my mom in law carpet . He goes to get the pillow and i grab the remote . He tackles me and takes my phone i then tell him im pregnant i cant wrestle with him . He dosent care so then me knowing that i cant list this 200lb man off my phone i pull his jacket hood to try to get his chest and neck off of it . In the process it chokes him. My intent wasnt to hurt him and if i did im more than welcome to owning up. But after he comes over and chokes me and threatens to hurt me much worse if i choke him again. Again my intent wasnt to hurt him i was just trying to get him off my phone without injuring myself after i told him i couldnt wrestle him and he refused to stop. Ladies i cant deal with the temper and threats im in a situation where i have no money and nowhere to run . I file for divorce and he will try to take my kids