Birth Story at 38weeks

Destiny • Ftm to a baby boy💙

I’ll try not to make this too long..

FTM to my baby boy

Adriel Gustavo was born 2.13.18 at 9:50am 6pounds 7.5ounces/19.5inches

About 6am 2.12.18 I started getting some light cramping barely noticeable. About 8:30am the pain got a little worse and would start in my lower back and work it’s way to my stomach. About 10:30am I ran some errands. Pains were becoming more frequent about 5mins apart. They were persistent for more than an hour so I went to triage about 12:30pm. Was at 1cm 80% effaced and was sent home for not progressing. Once I got home I tried picking things up. I went walking, ate pineapple, stairs, bounced on medicine ball, had sex. The contractions increased about 6pm. They were way more painful. I decided to take the advice of one of my newborn classes. She said “Once you think you’re in labor bake some cookies. Once you can no longer pay attention to the cookies and start burning them go to the hospital. At the end of it all you get a baby and cookies” it sounded ridiculous at first but it worked to distract me from the pain and also labor at home for as long as I could so I didn’t get sent home from triage again! So about 11pm the pain became very intense I couldn’t take it anymore I got all my stuff in the car and went to triage. Contractions were about 3 mins apart. When she checked me I was 4cm. Got admitted, about 10 mins later they took me to my room and checked me again I was 5cm. Got my epidural. At 4am I was given Pitocin. Finally at 9:20am I was 10cm. I started pushing at 9:30am and he was out at exactly 9:50am. No tears or any complications!