Anyone else throw up in their glucose test??

Jaz • 21💕engaged💍 mummy 👦🏼 baby #2 is baking March 2020

My embarrassing/ funny (now) story

Like no joke I only had 40 minuets left before the lady had to take my last blood sample and I threw up everywhere. I just started feeling uneasy and told her as she is telling me where the restroom is I throw up in my mouth and 2 second before I get to restroom to spit out I legit projectile vomited all over the ground I was super embarrassed and the lady walk in to check on me 2 second after it happened and I’m like I’m soooo sorry and I just started cleaning it up and she was like it’s ok I’ve got it you go home and rest. I had already had 2 sets of blood taken I was supposed to have 3 but she call the main office to see if I had to do it again and they said it should be ok but I have to check at my next appointment I really hope I don’t because I really can’t do that again. And honestly it wasn’t the liquid you had to drink that was fine like yeah it didn’t taste nice but it wasn’t bad I thought it’d be worse. Fingers crossed I don’t have to do it again. But knowing my luck I will.

Anyone else have a funny story?

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