In a lil situation

Hi ladies am currently a international student in Canada 🇨🇦

I just found out am expecting but I don’t know where to begin am excited as well as nervous 😟 a little mixed emotions.

However I don’t believe in abortion

I want to have my baby but I don’t know we’re to start

I am working currently as well

But I have been in plenty pain sore breast aches pelvic pain back pain nausea u name it

Here’s the thing I have not been in Canada for 13 months to get m.s.i and no other insurance companies covers pregnancy unless it’s before you know that you were goin to be expecting

I want to at least start seeing the doctor although I know I have to pay out my pocket

The only insurance I have is work insurance and I have never used it

Can anyone give me some information about where I can get prenatal care and any other labour and delivery facts I should know

Including hospital and cost

Thank you