My Valentine’s Gift❤️

Savannah • •Miscarriage 2013 •Mother x2 •Doula

When they say, “Stop trying, it’ll happen when you least expect it,” they aren’t lying. Currently 5 weeks.

Baby is expect to arrive October 18, 2018.

No symptoms besides very tender breast.

AF was due 02/11 or 02/12 and had yet to show up. I opened a test this morning thinking it would be negative and I’d start soon. I was wrong, that little line was the first to pop up.

Asking for positive thoughts. My SO left just yesterday heading over seas on a deployment (US Army). His deployment is scheduled for 9 months (how ironic). Going to wait until after my first sonogram to tell him the news.

So many emotions are running through my head. I’m nervous, scared, happy and excited. Mostly I’m anxious for this chapter of my life and already so ready to get to know this little one❤️