Mastitis - affected breast producing drops almslt 2 days later- what to do ? Plz help😪


Friday night I started getting mastitis and my fever last on/off 24 hours - a day and a half and went up to 100.5. At first that left boob was so engorged and hard, tender painful and now it’s barely pumping 1-2 oz even after 4 hours of not feeding on it (did that to check to see if it was producing still) and now my baby nursing on it seems so hungry and crying and I let him nurse but he was so upset I switched boobs and he started gulping so fast and was content.

I don’t know how long this affected boob will produce less for - it’s always had an over supply if anything ! I could nurse and pump right after and get 2 oz and now I am getting drops - I guess this means there’s a clog or blocked duct somewhere ? I’m trying to massage during pumping and nursing. I’m going to get lansinoh heat pearls to use heat before and in between feeds (or use cold in between?).

I didn’t call the doc cuz it says if fever goes down you’re ok and my breast is less sore and tender now but I’m really worried about this milk supply on it. I’m really tired still but otherwise no major aches or chills like I had Friday night - please help! Anyone else have mastitis ? Any tips please 😞🙇🏽‍♀️ I read to swallow garlic for anti inflammation?