Thank you cards


Does anyone else think they’re pointless and annoying? Do you know what I do when I get a thank you card in the mail? I open it, look at it, and it goes right in the trash.

Anyone else feel the same way about sending out thank you cards for their shower or are you all super sweet proper ladies? Why are we being pressured to spend our money and time writing out thank you cards when we’ve already expressed our gratitude and thanks when receiving the gift..

I’ve always thought they’re dumb but finally decided not to send them out after my baby shower (sent them for my wedding and bridal shower) but now my mom just texted me asking if I’ve sent out thank you cards and when I said no I don’t plan to she said “wow thats rude”. So sorry for the rant but cmonnnnnn who’s with me?? Don’t we have enough to deal with right now.. like the upcoming birth of our child??