I just feel so ugly

I feel like since getting pregnant I am no longer like myself. I used to eat super healthy, go to the gym, get my hair and nails done, do self tanner and spray tan, dressed super nice, and i was always on top of my work at my job and while I’m pursuing my degree.

Now I’m 32 weeks pregnant and i haven’t been to the gym in months. I no longer care about my appearance. I haven’t gotten my hair or nails done once. I am really starting to feel ugly and just lazy. I’m just so tired trying to balance my full time job while also the last semester of college before i get my degree. I’m constantly stressed and barely doing just enough to scrape by.

Anyone else feel this way? I just don’t feel like myself and i hate it!! I’m just praying once i have this baby that i will be more motivated!! I want to feel good about myself again