down syndrome or hydrocephalys question

Jessica • Jessica

ladies, my baby girl is measuring in the 13-30% in size. I haven't gained much weight, had much appetite, or any illness. at my 20 week, my ob told me they found some water on her brain. she sent me to a specialist, who in my opinion was a bitch. they confirmed some water in the 3rd ventricle and a little in the part of the brain that is in the middle...idk the name. 10 mm is the max and she is at 10.7. the doctor said she might have down syndrome. it took my husband and I 2 years to conceive her so we don't care. we opted out of genetic testing for the sole reason that God gave her to us and won't give us anything we can't handle. this specialist said I should go to a genetic counselor to see the options, do an no... risk of miscarriage are too high now. I need advice on life and by looking at this sonogram, I see no downs. thanks ladies