Taco bowl salad

Araceli • JJ’s MOM; Mom of an angel👼

I have been craving a taco bowl for a while and decided to do my own. I just used what I had in my kitchen to make the bowls I have 3 glass bowls and my small sauce pan put foil paper around them rubbed oil all around the foil paper, microwaved the tortillas with a damp towel then put them on top the bowls and rubbed oil all around put them in the oven at a temp of 350 for 10 minuets or till they are brown. Made my meat to my liking and used a can of corn and pan roasted my corn to my liking and had left over beans from yesterday, shredded some cheese and cut up some Roman lettuce. Make sure you let the tortillas COMPLETELY COOL DOWN before trying to remove them they will brake if you do it sooner. In my house we don’t really like sour cream so we used jalapeño ranch 🤤😊