First not so nice comments :/


I know it happens and it’s not right that it happens and kinda shocking.

But my cousin and my dad (mostly) said that I shouldn’t be buying baby stuff yet because I don’t know what could happen with my baby.. I’m 21 weeks pregnant.

Really what are the odds?

I feel that was kinda rude and kinda uncalled for.

I wanna tell my husband because he really is my best friend, but I can’t. He’s pretty pissed at my parents. Especially my mother. They are visiting us and they are causing a bunch of stress on me.

My mom is still trying to treat me like a 12 year old. Scolding me. Changing things around my kitchen to her liking. We had an argument the other day and I was having none of it. So I walked away. She goes and tell me that if she was another type of mother, she would have slap me already. And I replied that if she touches me, especially while pregnant, that would be her worst mistake.

For the heads up. I’m Hispanic. A lot of Hispanic parents think they have power over their children no matter how old they are. I’m almost 26. I’ve been with the same man. My first and my last, since 2012. We are married. And we are expecting our first child.

I’m trying not to let my dad’s comment get to me, but it is getting to me. It bright my excitement down. A lot.