Needed to vent

Earlier on I posted a photo where you can see a faint line but it was off place and I was just curious why the line was so high up. I knew it wasnt positive! (I deleted the photo. ) But then someone with a positive comes and starts posting it on the posts I made saying NO that’s a BFN and saying that her test was what a positive was supposed to look like. I felt hurt because someone who has been trying for 7 years with no luck and multiple chemical pregnancies and getting negatives after negatives it’s hard too see that. When I see someone post a faint line or a clear positive I comment congratulating them and wishing them well. As well when someone gets a negative or a faint I’m cheering them on and giving them hope saying I’m with them thru it.... I have seen the same girl comment on multiple peoples post with the same photo saying “Negative, this (referring to her test) is what it’s supposed to look like” like ok we get it. You have a positive but it’s not cool to rub it In peoples faces specially those who are having a hard time. Sorry it’s so long just needed to vent. And I understand you have to know to take criticism and I might of taken it to heart but I’ve been trying for so long I just needed that boost or someone to courage telling me one day it’ll happen for me. I have faith that one day it will tho. Everyone trying as long as I have baby dust and hope one day we all get our BFP 🙏🏼❤️