This month feels different, anyone wanna take a look.


Ttc 22 cycles

Lmp 1/25 28-30 day cycles

I have never had a BFP

1/31 hsg all clear

2/4 EWCM

2/8 O

Dpo 3-4. 2/11 -2/12 back pain felt like a kidney infection (no kidney infection)

Dpo 4 2/12 EWCM? Wtf left overy cramps

Dpo 7 2/15 laying in bed cramps going up my hooha up to the left of my belly button... felt almost electric didn’t last long.

Dpo 8 doctor apt (infertility specialist) holding off on my blood work up (just a thyroid repeat test) cause I feel like I’m pregnant. And I hate blood-work 😂

Dpo 9-10 burpy only want 🥗 indigestion feel kinda car sick at times (is this shit in my head?) crying a lot negative pregnancy test positive opk) does this mean anything?

If I’m not pregnant I’m never trusting my body again.

Please pray for me to get my bfp! I have prayed for this for so many nights.

Good luck to you all!! If you have any insight please post. I’ll update when I find out. 🙏🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼 this 2ww is making me cray!