amniotic fluid????


When I sit on the toilet I use a mirror to look down at my "tutu" anyways. I can see a cloudy white watery discharge drip from my vaginal hole at least 1 drop every 30 seconds or so. When I went to wipe it with my finger before it dropped it looked clear on my finger but if look in the mirror and watch a drop form again and it's be cloudy white color. It's like water consistency and I've been having what feels like Braxton hicks all day. I had also slipped earlier this morning and almost did the splits in the bathroom and my pelvic bone hurts so much I can barely get up and walk it takes me so long I have to hold on to something to even get up. I'm 35 +3 weeks and I was wondering if this could be my amniotic fluid leaking? I haven't been having constant contractions but I do feel one every so often. So I wanted anyone else's opinions before going into labor and delivery. what does this sound like??? BTW, i didnt actully fall. i had slipped but caught myself. it was just really straining on my pelvic bone.