Push present....for dad


So I’ve heard of the whole push present thing but I truthfully don’t expect anything from my husband. However, I want to get him something. This is our first baby and he’s super excited. He’s been so amazing through the whole process putting up with me and my hormones. He’s constantly trying to find ways to make me comfortable while sleeping at night since I’ve been having problems with that. When I broke out in eczema, he would put lotion on me every night. He’d massage my back for long periods of time when my back was in pain even though I knew his hand was hurting. I know what we women do for these nine months is way more exhausting and (at times) painful as f***, but he has helped me through it and I think he deserves something for all the work he’s put in to. He’s never once told me that I’m being dramatic (which sometimes I was). He’s never told me “it can’t be that bad”. No in fact he’s constantly apologizing for what I have to go through even though we BOTH wanted her. I love him so much and idk how I got so blessed but i did and i want to show my gratitude. Any ideas????

P.s sorry for the long post 😅