Yasssss finally!


Apart from spanking and choking my bf and I are still pretty vanilla for the most part. We’ve been together 5 years and we recently discovered we might like to spice it up a little, so I’ve been saying I want things to be more rough but it hasn’t gotten very far yet, or so I thought....

Anyways the other night we were on the way home and he wanted some road head so I thought what the hell and sucked him for a little. I don’t do that very often but I’ve must have just hit the right spot because he was very vocal(which he normally isn’t) so that already had me set off😜. After we got home we were just chilling and he asked if I could finish him....

So I go at it and before I know it he grabs my hair and is pulling my hair and pushing me as far as I can go 😬😬 then pulls my head up and pretty much cradles me while shoves his tongue 👅 down my throat and fingers in my pussy... by this point I’m all

So then he pulls his finger out and makes me suck it and oh man then puts me back on his dick and just keeps switching back and forth... at one point he looks at me and asks if I like it rough; we just give each other this look like yess baby fuck me so hard!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 The next thing I know he has one hand around my neck and the other in my pussy until I can’t take it anymore... Then he tells me to get on and ride him like dude

I was just so happy I had to share with you guys! We were in a slump there for a little while and I’m just so glad we’re past it. This just came out of nowhere and was so unexpected and fun😍😍😍