Need advice/support..

My partner and i are having some problems. There are anger issues with both of us and we argue alot .. most of the time. Our last argument got really bad he threatened to slap me in the face for being a smart ass after he came home at 2 in the morning he had been drinking since 6 the day before. The situation escalated to the point he tried grabbing my phone from my hands and was laying on top of me grabbing my hair ( he weighs 120kg im 75) i got out from under him and tried getting away so he grabbed my boob then my stomach and pushed me onto the bed. At the time i was 10 weeks pregnant with our rainbow (im now 11). When he gets angry he just stands there in the door way screaming at me and sometimes throws things in my direction he says its not at me but i feel like it is. Today we had a bad argument just screaming and he accussed me of cheating again he does this regularly i broke off our engagement and was told to get out of our house.. I have two children from a previous relationship that ended because of domestic violence and im afraid this one is headed in the same direction. He calmed down and let me come back to the house and has agreed he wont come back will get help with anger by going to therapy which im already doing for BPD and we will work on our issues separately. Am i being stupid? This man has a heart of gold and loves me he gave up his life job, house on the beach, friends to move two hours away with me to help me fight to get sole custody of my children. He is not usually a nasty person. Im very sad and lost right now please don't be/say nasty things i just need some support.