Inconsiderate Neighbors

🍍CrispyyJules🍍 • C Section warrior and EBF to my sweet boy 7/11/18 💙

Ok so I'm not sure what room this belongs in so i apologize if it's not here. My neighbor has been blasting music outside for 2 days. So loud to the point I can hear it over my tv with all my windows and doors closed. Yesterday I asked them to turn it down. They did and it went back up again. I ended leaving to do errands anyways. Tonight it's back on, this time I called the cops, Which they showed up but idk what was discussed. the music was turned down and off at one point but now it's back on and bumping again. I'm at a loss! I know it's before 10pm but I have a right to my peace and quiet, I can't even have my windows open to enjoy fresh air. What should I do about my inconsiderate neighbors?