we did tHAT!😍 did I do the right thing? this is long and tmi but I need to talk to someone sorry

ok so earlier in our relationship me and my so we’re talking about sex experiences we’ve had before we happened. (He’s older so hes been with more people than me) and he told me about a girl who liked anal so much that he never even touched her vagina.

it’s been 9 months that we’ve had that conversation and he’s never EVER brought that topic on again. But I still felt like he was interested in anal with me. I’ve never had anything near my asshole and I never even thought about it but in the last 9 months it’s been at the back of my head and I did a lot of research about it.

I ended up ordering a set of butt plugs, I was going to try them out myself to see if I can go with it but I ended up changing my mind. I wanted him to do it 🤫

I showed him what I got (it was a set of 3 plugs in different sizes made out of metal with diamonds on the ends so if I had them up you could only see the stones) and told him I’d like to try. He asked me about a 1000 times if I was sure and after the 1000th time I said yes he just flipped me over and fucking dEVOURED MY ASS. he licked and kissed wherever he could reach and I almost passed out it was so good 😮😍

He went super slow and we worked our way up to the smallest plug of my set and it was okay it felt kinda good so I asked for the middle one. He wanted to take it slow but I insisted. The second one hurt super bad and we ended up changing it back to the smaller one but it was an experience I don’t regret. We then had regular doggy sex with me having the plug up and it felt so good I almost passed out 😍😍😍

Well try more the next time.

So I did it because I thought he’d be interested but he didn’t pressure me at all I was curious myself how it would feel but I made him so happy with it I’m glad I did it. It felt great and he almost went crazy over how „pretty the diamonds looked on my ass“ and how „hot it was as he pushed them in and I moaned“. 🤤

It was one of the best experiences in my life and i want to go all the way with him, he’s my life I love him so much and I couldn’t find a better person to try this with 😍

Did I do the right thing? Was it a good idea to try it? Thank you for listening ☺️