I think I got the baby dream gift🤰🏽🔮🎁

Cristal🌹💋🥀Reneé • Mom to twins Kenzie & Christian. One angel on Earth, the other in Heaven

So my grandmother👵🏽 has always been able to tell when someone’s pregnant because she would have a dream about fish.. but she hasn’t been having them the past few years and a few babies have been born, so i think I 👩🏽 maaay have inherited her gift. My big cousin got married last year around July. I told her husband at the reception, that I had a dream, my cousin and her older sister, were getting their babies ready to go outside in the snow while my aunts were in the kitchen cooking.. Sooo fast forward to October, my cousin announced she was two months pregnant. Fast forward to Christmas diner, my other cousin(her big sister) asked me when I saw her with a baby in my dream, and I said it was winter time. She shook her head and said “I doubt it, but okay”🤷🏽‍♀️... Fast forward to yesterday... Now she’s pregnant too!!! So maybe I am now officially the baby dreamer of the family☺️☺️☺️