Anybody’s boyfriend end up in jail and now your a single mom

My boyfriend that I was living with was picked up for an old case that was dissmissed . He didn’t do it . But one of his stupid so called homies is pinning it on him to save his own ass. Now my boyfriend is facing life. I had to move back in with my parents and now I’m a single mother. I mean we still want to be together if he does get a deal and get out sooner but he told me to not get my hopes up . He calls and checks on me and the baby almost everyday and wants pictures of me and our son . He didn’t even get to see his son be born. Thank god my mom was there when I had my son or else Idk what I would have done. But now I’m a single mom unexpectedly never planned for things to go this way. I’m glad and really thankful for my mom and dad they have helped me so much ! Specially my mom ❤️❤️ love her so much ! My son is so spoiled by my mom and dad they can’t get enough of him 💙. Love my son so much !! Just tough at times can get deppressing at times