How should we do the 2nd baby shower? (Read below)

I made a poll and hundreds of people voted YES to 2nd baby shower. Here are the details: it'll be our second boy (kids will be 1.5 yrs apart). There are things we don't need, like towels, shoes, clothes, and so on. So I feel like having a registry so people don't get us the same things or things we already have. Registry includes 2nd car seat, 2nd camera for baby monitor, swaddle blankets (with velcro this time), crib liner, and so on. So no, the babies can't just share everything.

I want another baby shower because every baby should be celebrated and I don't want this one to feel left out or get any "jinx". MIL mentioned just family this time (they have a huge extended family though) and grandparents should just buy the stuff off our registry. I feel like people will still want to get something. So should we just say if you want to get something, cash or gift cards?

I don't know how to do the second baby shower. How do you think we should do it?


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