Should I leave my husband? I'm so done

Me and my husband got into an argument because he spent $1,000 on a "better" computer... we started yelling and I brought up that he watched porn behind my back at work. (Yes he did that) he didn't tell me he did but I found out on my own. Well he left to go to work as we were arguing and I texted him saying how it hurts me that he watches porn after I told him so many times I don't like it, he needs to respect me, etc. he thought it'd be better to watch you tube videos of girls twerking in thongs like that's so much better than porn. He watched over 50 videos within a couple of days. I found that out on my own too. It's hurtful to me so I lash out and say things to him, I called him Pervert , etc.... and this is what he texts me. I suffer from postpartum depression, btw. How can my own husband say something like that to me? Knowing I suffer. I really can't handle this anymore. What would you if this were your husband saying something beyond hurtful. I can't control my depression, he CAN control watching things and lying to me about it.