Is age really just a number?

So last Memorial Day I met a gay at a gas station. It didn't work. Recently we reconnected and for some reason we just clicked this time. I'm so obsessed with this mans vibe. ❤️ one issue I have is that he's 27 and I'm 21. Last night we were talking after dinner and he was basically saying he wanted to be in a relationship with me. I froze up and kinda changed the subject. And he brought it back up saying that I'd eventually say yes and it was no rush. We've only been seeing each other about two months. I've never spent the night. And we've never had sex. Is it to soon for him to be positive that we'd work together. Is it his age that makes him so sure that I'm what he wants? I've never even been in a relationship before let alone been so serious with someone that much older than me.