which cup do you use

what cup do you use for a low cervix? I find most cups way too long, in fact the diva cup with the stem cut off wouldn't fit all the way in when inserted. I tried the Lena cup (smallest size, was good length but too firm I could feel it) and then si-bell (smallest size, better softness but was still uncomfortable) and now I use the Sckoon cup (smallest size) which seemed to be fine but lately I've been leaking a lot and ive been using it for a year+ without issue before.

so im wondering what your favourite cup is for ladies with a low cervix or even just your favourite cup in general! definitely going to be trying another soon! - if you use other products other than a cup, that's great! I support any safe and healthy product that makes your life easier during this time (I still use pads at times too!) but I'm strictly looking for cups so cup answers only would be preferred! thanks!