Advice needed?

Okay my boyfriend of 2 years has been in prison for the last year and we are still together obviously lol.

Well lately everything has been rocky, and I just been overly sensitive. He got mad at me & hung up the phone. The next day he didn’t call and we usually talk everyday. Well today he calls, and says that he isn’t gonna call me everyday anymore. He tried to justify what he said by saying “you get tired of talking to people everyday, don’t you?” And I told him “but i would love to talk to my boyfriend every single day.” He’s usually somebody I look forward to talking to every single day.. and he says this. I am really upset that he told me that, am I right for feeling this way? We don’t even get to see eachother a lot, but I try to visit when i can. Phone calls and an app for inmates is basically what we communicate through. Should I be upset or is he right? ☹️