How do I tell him

Alright so I like this 10th grader right and I’m in 8th grade ok so my friends all tell me that he likes me and my grandma and my mom and me are all very close and I told them about it my mom still doesn’t agree but my grandma does and even my grandma said that he likes me but I’m just really confused bc I really want him to like me but I need other ppls opinions before I actually tell the dude I like him but I don’t know how to tell him that either ok so anyway hes always texting me and if i don’t text back he’ll just blow up my phone until I answer. He lets me lean on him but he doesn’t let anyone else do it not even his sister. He lets me sit by him by choice and with other ppl he doesn’t do that. We have a lot of things in common like music and stuff. He lets me hit him but he doesn’t get mad. He likes to make me happy its really weird to me bc all my other relationships weren’t even like that. He actually wants to be around me. He lets me cuddle into his side even when I’m not noticing what I’m doing. And there is so much more but that’s just a few I just really need help bc I don’t only want my friends and family’s opinion I mean I trust them but they just want to tell me what makes me happy most if the time and the only reason my mom and grandma know him is bc if winter jam yesterday and it was really fun but idk I’m just all kinds of screwed up rn. Plz help me.