Is he into me?...

I’ve been hanging out with this guy. At first things were going really well. He said he was into me and expressed that we got along really well. Chemistry I feel was there bc we were constantly making out and he would be lovey dovey. We also have same sense of humor and he’s really interesting in way I don’t see with guys my age.

Anyways things have kinda cooled off in the physical way bc he expressed he “needed time” after a last relationship. Now we’re more flirty friends. We hangout maybe once every couple weeks which isn’t as much as I like but every time we do hangout he’s a perfect gentleman, flirty, pays for things (which I honestly do not care about ppl say it means something), and insists he doesn’t want to rush a physical relationship which I am happy about.

My question is, am I looking too much into the fact I don’t hear from him all the time and honestly initiate most of texting/hangouts, or should I look more into how he treats me when are actually together?