Me and this guy who is now officially my boyfriend have been talking for 8 months and just started officially dating last night . I feel like we’re so weird or awkward and that we don’t have anything to talk about but then we always say some random stuff. We also kissed for the first time last night and I felt like he wanted to make out with me but it was too awkward it didn’t happen and I could never look him straight in the eyes because when I do I just end up not knowing what to say . He doesn’t really make moves and I’m also his first girlfriend because he’s only had “things” and did stuff with other girls but I’m his first girlfriend. He also didn’t seem so excited about it because he was like “now there’s just a label on it where as before it didnt”. I’m getting this weird vibe that we’re gonna end soon or soemthing because I feel like it’s just awkward but we’re so open with each other at the same time .