Dad has grand baby fever!🀞🏻

So my husband and I have recently started trying for our first baby. So far we have not had any luck. We do not plan on telling anyone we are trying. However the other night my dad called and we were just talking. Now normally when he calls he will want to talk to both me and my husband. So it was completely normal for me to ask him if he wanted to talk to my husband after having finished our conversation. This time though he went nuts! My dad started crying and was excitedly exclaiming β€œOH MY GOD! NO WAY! OH MY GOD!” I quickly realized what he was thinking! I had to let him down and explain that NO we are not having a baby! We got a good laugh out of it though. I think part of his excitement is that neither of our parents have grandchildren yet and if we were pregnant this would be their first. Little does he know that we are actually trying to conceive! Hopefully this is a sign. Wish us luck!πŸ’–πŸ’™