Teething & Eating help!


Hi July Mamas - I’ve been pretty nonexistent on this forum since my son was born but I’m desperate for some input. My little guy is teething, his first tooth popped through on Monday. Prior to teething he ate well - about 25oz formula and 10oz food a day. Last week he almost completely stopped eating and drinking - we constantly offered and he constantly refused. Come to find out - he’s teething, so I guess that makes sense. This week he has appetite has come back with a vengeance - for example dinner alone last night he ate two pouches of food (7.5oz) and wanted more, and 10oz of formula before bed. Is this still part of teething? Is he making up for lost nutrients from last week? Should I consider that something else might be wrong? They are been such sudden shifts in eating habits, he has me concerned. Thanks!