Is this a problem and Should all schools have the same lunches ?


I've worked in many schools now and have see many different things. The township schools have deli line, pizza made from scratch, spaghetti made from scratch, chicken and burger sandwiches and a nacho line with fresh lettuce and veggies, they have fruit salad where the Cantaloupe was freshly cut. The Public school where alot of poor class children are has a option of Peanut Butter and Jelly, A packaged pizza, packaged spaghetti , packaged chicken, packaged fruit and packaged veggies. This lunches are not equal and all kids deserve a good lunch so they can focus better on schooling. Some would say the other schools have less money so they wouldn't be able to afford it. Do you think this is a problem ? And do you think all schools should be the same ?

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