Should I be worried 😦?

I never met my great grandparents because they’re deceased. I was always told by my mother that they were killed in a house fire 🔥. They manage to save their children, but they didn’t make it out I’m not sure if it was because of the stove or not, but my mom would always be paranoid about checking the stove and oven at night before we go to bed 🛏. My sister have left the door 🚪 to our house 🏠 unlocked before and my mother would stress about keeping the doors locked and the importance of a screen door. I hate to say it, but sometimes my mom kind of scares us (my sibling and I) into being aware of our surroundings and what not. Not that that’s a bad thing, I think I’ve gone overboard with my life lessons. Every night, I go around the house and checking the doors 🚪 not once but 3-4 times because I feel like I might sike myself out (our house has been broken into before, but I wasn’t born at the time). I would double check the stove and drive myself crazy because I would hate for something to happen. My sister I feel like she’s careless when it comes to these things because she just doesn’t check behind herself and have left the door unlocked on multiple occasions. Idk 😐 how to feel