It’s a struggle, but we are strong!


To all of the people reading this, who have replayed past conversations with an abuser in your mind countless times, I understand. It’s not a “let it go” or “forget about it” type of situation. To all of the people who wake up in the middle of the night after a dream of your abuser, and can’t go back to sleep, I can relate. That sense of danger feels impossible to overcome. To all of the people who are hesitant around people because of what’s been done to you in the past, I’ve been there. Trusting is not easy after someone has betrayed yours. To all of the people who are questioning your self-worth, I feel your struggle. I just want you to remember, the one person who has the most power over your life is you. Anyone who would abuse you is not as strong as they would like to seem. You were strong enough to survive, and I am proud of you for that. You are strong enough to overcome your worries, I have faith in you. We are strong, and we won’t let our abusers have any control over our lives anymore! Stand tall, you deserve happiness!