Seriously so scared

My last period was feb 1st. So the last time my bf and I had sex was 2 days after my period. We always use protection and when we had sex we used a condom. Not only that, that but he also doesn’t come inside me. When we had sex, I was mostly on top, but he didn’t cum once. After, we still wanted to be safe so we tested the condom. We filled it up with water and luckily There were no leaks or spills which was good. After that, we didn’t have any sex while I was ovulating or fertile and even after that. The month of February was kind of crazy, bewteen school and all I got the flu and was on antibiotics. Even though we are always safe I do get nervous when my next period gets close. I always think of the “what if..” or think I’m those one in a million who get pregnant from something crazy. What is freaking me out is my period didn’t start today and I’m so nervous. I do think it’s from all the stress I’ve been under but I’m just so scared that it could be something else (pregnancy mostly). I haven’t had any nausea, or changes in sleep, appetite or other symptoms but I know some people don’t get symptoms which makes me more nervous. Even though we used a condom, he didn’t cum, and we checked the condom, and had no sex during ovulation/ fertility I’m still so nervous that my period is late!! Has anyone else had a really late period before!!??