Birth Control Probs.


So I recently stopped taking birth control like 2 months ago after I had been on it for like 3 years. And my sex drive was really low and my boyfriend always wanted to have sex but i never wanted to. (Which was a constant argument) but when I got off my birth control my sex drive was way up, like I wanted to do it all the time😛. but now my doctor is putting me back on it cause there’s a chance I have endometriosis, and that is like a good way to prevent it. So I’m worried, that once I go back on it my sex drive will dry up again and I really don’t want it to because one, I like sex and two, I don’t want any more arguments with my boyfriend😕 (don’t get me wrong, I know my boyfriend loves me no matter what but it does mean a lot to him) it’s the brand Yazmin, any thoughts?