Comparing pregnancy’s-annoyed

We all have a little drama in our life. I try my best to avoid it. There’s a girl at work who is also pregnant but she is a little further along than me by a few weeks.

I’m not sure why but she is always trash talking me even to my face about being pregnant. Things like “you haven’t had any morning sickness? Are you sure you’re even pregnant?” Or “there’s no way you are starting to show because I’m not yet”. “I’m not finding out the gender because there no real surprises in life anymore and I want it to be magical”

My favorite is when she says things near me but not to me so she knows I hear it. “My baby is so loved and we weren’t even trying. Anyone who says trying to get pregnant is hard is lying” many of you women know this one is so untrue and insulting to people who have been trying for a long time.

There’s been comments about me announcing my pregnancy soon after her. That I did it to steal her “thunder”. I shared when I was ready and it was almost a week after her.

Can’t we all just support each other and realize each persons pregnancy is different. Two people can be the same gestation and look totally different. We all have different body’s that react differently.

Sorry it’s long but I’m sick of it being a competition and being compared.