Give hope, give love.

𝓜 • 19yr-old

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS. I have never thought that single meeting with people you see everyday but don’t have the chance to talk to in such depth could change you and your life entirely.

Tonight I met with my girl friends (something we don’t have the chance to do often due to school etc.), and we had a HUGE AND IN DEPTH talk. Really, these types of meetings can absolutely change your perspective of life!

I have learned amazing things that happened as back as 5 years ago. First of all, that somebody had a real crush on me at the point that he had a relationship with my friend just to make me jealous. When this was said in the discussion, my friends have started complimenting about how beautiful I am and that everybody has a crush on me and that I could have anyone I want. They even told me something that happened this year while I was giving out handouts that my teacher told me to. They heard two (high class) boys talking (positively) about me while giving them out. I have actually never noticed that people talk or care about me, but that’s why your friends exist, isn’t it? 😂

Really girls, even if these things are fake or lies, you can’t imagine how high my confidence got. From feeling invisible and useless, now I feel loved and appreciated. From being quiet and closed to myself now I feel like that from Monday I will be a completely opposite person. I will have all the confidence I have ever had. It is like my insecurities were thrown away and now I am a new me. You can’t imagine how happy and excited I feel for life. Can’t wait to spread positivity on Monday and hopefully for the rest of my life!

Just a message I want to give. A person can change from one minute to another and I am a proof. The word shy doesn’t exist in my vocabulary anymore. Give complements and encouragement to those in need around you. Maybe they are suffering being closed in themselves just like I was.

Kisses 💋,

Margarita xxx