And Then There Were Three ❤️


I got my BFP today! I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to finally going to a mommy. But something even more precious to me will be seeing my husband become a daddy!!

I haven’t told my hubby yet because he already went to work, but I need ideas!!!! I want to make it special because this is our first baby!

For the Ladies who want to know what I did this month:

1) Taking Prenatals since the end of December

2) Used Pre-Seed (I feel like this REALLY helped me because I was pretty dry anyways.)

3) Used OPKs ( I ended up stoped taking them because they were confusing and nothing was changing so I went off my temps, CM and I can feel when I ovulate.)

4) Temped Vaginally EVERY morning at the same time (This really helped me because I actually ovulated late and was able to catch when my temps were going down and BD two nights before and the night after I ovulated.)

5) Ate pineapple for 5/6 days after Ovulating. (They say it’s supposed to be fresh and it probably is but I just ate it out of can. The pineapple at my nearby store didn’t look great. I don’t know if this actually helped the egg implant or not 🤷🏼‍♀️)

6) I ALWAYS kept my feet warm. I wore socks 24/7 and had a heating pad by my feet when I slept. (I heard if your feet are cold, your uterus is cold and it’s easier for an egg to implant in a warm “comfy” uterus.)

I hope all you ladies get your BFP’s too!

Also here’s my chart:

This is how I told my husband!